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Vacation Destination - Central and South America

Central America Travel

Central America, a narrow strip of land that connects North and South America is filled with natural beauty, complex eco-systems and ancient cultures. Travel anytime of the year and excitement awaits.

Zip through rainforests, spot amazing creatures, visit colorful towns, hike volcanoes then grab a mojito and watch the sunset. Snorkel the reefs of Caribbean white-sand beaches, taste coffee at a plantation or stroll cobblestone streets lined with Spanish haciendas. Of course you can cruise the Panama Canal.

If you are attracted to ancient ruins, gorgeous beaches, adventure activities and friendly locals then vacation in a place where eco-tourism is the norm, crowded beaches are an exception and adventure is everywhere. Travel to Central America.

Central America Travel Facts

* No destination in Central America is more than 125 miles from the ocean.
* There are 16 UNESCO sites including the 2nd largest reef in the world
* Central America is technically it is part of North America.
* Christopher Columbus first set foot on the American mainland at Puerto Castilla, near Trujillo, Honduras.
* Three-fifths of Central America's population is of mixed European and Indian heritage, known as Mestizos and one-fifth is Indian.
Central America Map

Central America Map

Central America Countries

(If a country has a * you can click on it for more vacation information)

Belize | Costa Rica* | El Salvador | Guatemala | Honduras | Nicaragua | Panama |

South America Travel

South America is a feast for the senses. This continent has something for everyone. Travel to ancient Inca temples, feel the awe-inspiring power of amazing waterfalls, dine and wine with tapas and tango your nights away. Explore colonial towns with cobblestone streets and 18th century plazas and shop colorful local markets of the region.

The diversity of South America’s landscape includes snowcapped mountains, ice-blue glaciers, stunning waterfalls, archipelago islands, lush rainforests, and spectacular mountain ranges with active volcanoes. South America Animals are as unique as their continent; they range from mammals, including include the llama and alpaca, to reptiles, from amphibians to rodents. The Anteater with its big snout is also a native of South America.

Whether it is a vacation in Ushuaia, the Southern most point, the thick jungles of the Amazon or the famous wine country of Chile, South America is a continent of unforgettable experiences just waiting to be discovered.

South America Map
South America Countries

(If a country is ihas a * then you can click on it for more vacation information)

Argentina | Bolivia | Brazil | Chile | Colombia | Ecuador │Galapagos | French Guiana | Guyana | Paraguay | Peru* | Suriname| Uruguay | Venezuela |



Central America Vacations for 18 - 35 Year Olds
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