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10-Nights Croatia and Exotic Mediterranean Singles Cruise
May 3 - May 13, 2016 from Venice

** All Shore Excursions Included **
The ship is impressive, the ports are exotic and the travelers are single. Join Best Single Travel as we cruise from Venice, Italy to the most interesting destinations in the Mediterranean. Board Royal Caribbean's Rhapsody of the Seas and cruise to Slovenia, Bodrum Turkey, Montenegro and 3 different ports in Croatia
. Explore castles, visit ancient cities and then enjoy all the singles activities onboard.

Croatia and Exotic Mediterranean Singles Cruise Daily Itinerary

Cruise Day 1: Venice, Italy  (Tuesday: May 3 / 5:00pm)
Welcome aboard Rhapsody of the Seas. Discover the magic and mystery of Venice, a city built entirely on water. Along the iconic Piazza San Marco, elaborate buildings attest to its splendor and elegance. But the city's character lies along crooked calli and across little bridges.


Cruise Day 2: Koper, Slovenia  (Wednesday: May 4 / 7:00am - 6:00pm)

Croatia Pletna Bled rideSlovenia is the only country in Europe that combines the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Pannonian Plain and the Karst. Backed by hills of olive groves and vineyards, Koper is an historic port and gateway to medieval Old Towns, seaside resorts and picturesque coastal villages. Slovenia’s beauty is found not so much in its cities, but in its green countryside. Slovenia has so many beautiful natural wonders, including a lake with an island church, a gorge with blue waters running through, enormous caves with dazzling rock formations, a castle built into the side of a mountain, and the gorgeous Julian Alps. 

Included Shore Excursion
Croatia Lake Bleds Otok islandWe drive from Koper to the Alpine region below the Julian Alps to reach Bled, the magnificent alpine resort. Perched atop a steep cliff rising 426 feet above the glacial Lake Bled is Bled castle, according to written sources the oldest castle in Slovenia. Bled Castle is how most people imagine a medieval fortress to be, with towers, ramparts, moats and a terrace offering magnificent views. We will reach the castle on foot via one of three trails. Then we take a pletna, a large gondola-like row boat with a canopy to visit the Church of Mary the Queen, also known as Our Lady of the Lake, located on the small island in Lake Bled, known as Blejski Otok.


Cruise Day 3: Split, Croatia  (Thursday, May 5 / 9:00am - 5:00pm)

Croatia SplitSplit is the second-largest city in Croatia and the largest city of the region of Dalmatia. It is a vast coastal city with a vibrant, atmospheric Old Town, that is a maze of narrow alleys, little squares, boutiques, galleries and restaurants. In the 4th century Roman Emperor Diocletian wanted to retire to his native Dalmatia and built a vast palace here. Trogir is a historic harbor town on the UNESCO World Heritage List as one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe. A wide seaside promenade snakes around the town, culminating in a charming port full of sailboats.

Included Shore Excursion
Croatia TrogirTake a walk through history on our guided tour of Split and Trogir, see how they have developed from ancient Roman Empire times to today. Explore the narrow streets of Split and visit the most photographed sights in Central Dalmatia, the Cathedral and Bell Tower of St. Domnius, located within the Diocletian's Palace. Visit the cellar of the Palace, which is a mirror image of the emperor’s residence above. Find the circular room and notice the impeccable acoustics; above was the foyer to the emperor’s bedrooms and the echos would warn Diocletian if anyone was coming.
We continue our journey through history in Trogir, a small, well preserved town encased in 15th-century walls. Trogir is a mosaic of monuments that date from ancient Greek to the Middle Ages and further on to the present. Stroll through the streets of this charming little town and visit the Cathedral of St. Lawrence, one of the finest architectural achievements in Croatia.

Cruise Day 4: Dubrovnik, Croatia  (Friday: May 6 / 7:00am - 5:00pm)

Croatia Dubrovnik cable carDubrovnik, listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, is a stunningly intact walled city on the Adriatic Sea coast in the extreme south of Croatia and has maintained its independence for 450 years. Set between cobalt seas and the rugged Dinaric Alps, Dubrovnik is a medieval delight. Developing its merchant fleet activities all over the Mediterranean, Dubrovnik rose to one of the strongest merchant navies in the 16th century. Behind the thick defensive walls of its Old Town, discover lively promenades and narrow lanes lined with churches, monasteries, shops and cafes.

Included Shore Excursion
Croatia DubrovnikGaze out at the historical streets and listen to our guide’s enlightening commentary on our panoramic drive through Dubrovnik. The best views of Dubrovnik are experienced from the top of the Srd Hill and what better way to enjoy the view then from the Dubrovnik Cable Car. On a clear day, we can see up to 37 miles. 
Discover Dubrovnik's Old Town surrounded by mighty walls and fortresses, well preserved over the centuries. Accompanied by our local guide, who will entertain us with interesting stories, we will be given a walking tour of all the major sights of Dubrovnik’s Old City. Within the Franciscan monastery's solid stone walls is a gorgeous mid-14th-century cloister, historic pharmacy and a small museum with a collection of relics, including chalices, paintings, gold jewelry and pharmacy items. Artillery remains that pierced the monastery walls during the 1990s war have been saved, too. The old pharmacy is indeed an aged wonder–it’s the third oldest in all of Europe and the oldest pharmacy still in use on the continent today.


Cruise Day 5: Day at Sea  (Saturday: May 7)

enjoy all the amenities of the Rhapsody of the Seas


Cruise Day 6: Aegina Island (Piraeus Port), Greece  (Sunday: May 8 / 6:00am - 6:00pm)

Croatia AcropolisPiraeus is the main port of Athens, the biggest port in Greece and one of the leading ports in the Mediterranean. The most important thing to do at the port is to take a ferry to the beautiful Greek Islands, including the island of Aegina. Aegina, located in the Argo-Saronic gulf close to the port of Pireaus, has played an important role in the course of Ancient and modern Greece. Aegina combines the elegance of the neoclassic mansions, that remind all who visit that they are in the first capital of the new Greek state, with its traditional island identity. The island is also known as the place where Nikos Kazantzakis wrote Zorba the Greek.
Included Shore Excursion
Croatia Aegina IslandBoard our high-speed boat for our 40 minute ride to the island of Aegina. As we enter into the bustling port town, drink in the view: a moon crescent harbor with fishing boats, fruit filled caiques, and glamorous yachts. As we enter the harbor and Aegina Town, known simply as 'the center' to the locals, we are greeted by the small, white church of Saint Nikolas. Near the port is an archaeological place called "Kolonas" known for its one and only pillar and the hill of Kolonas was the Acropolis and the religious center of the ancient city. After our guided walking tour of old town Aegina, there is free time to take a horse driven carriage ride, have lunch by the beach or buy some fresh pistachios which is the island's specialty. After our wonderful island experience sit back and enjoy a panoramic drive of Athens & Piraeus before we board our cruise ship.


Cruise Day 7: Bodrum, Turkey  (Monday: May 9 / 8:00am - 4:00pm)

Croatia port BXN mustseeSet on a beautiful peninsula in the southwestern Aegean Region of Turkey, Bodrum is a resort town with a long history; in-fact the Father of history, Herodotus, was born here and is the location of one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world. Once a cozy fishing village of only a few thousand people, Bodrum has experienced a renaissance in the last half century that has transformed this once-sleepy community into one of Turkey's most popular vacation hot spots. Windswept beaches and glittering waters provide the backdrop to the perfect beach getaway. 
Included Shore Excursion
Croatia Bodrum shoppingVisit Bodrum Castle, built by the Knights Hospitaller in 1402 and originally known as the Castle of St. Peter/Petronium. After being defeated in Smyrna (ancient name of Izmir), the Knights came to Halikarnassos and began construction. Unknowingly, they used many stones from the great tomb of Mausolus on the walls of the castle, giving us this opportunity to view stones from Mausoleum, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The castle houses the largest underwater archaeological museum in Turkey. The Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology is not just a dusty collection of lifeless relics, it is an original, creative and exiting experience. It is a trip into a fascinating past that takes you back in time into the worlds of ancient mariners who sailed to meet their destiny shipwrecked on Anatolian shores or to the medieval Age of Knights. You can’t miss the Pedestrian shopping area that starts near the Castle and runs parallel to the row of restaurants and bars that line Kumbahce Bay. There’s a mix of clothing, jewelry, handicrafts, and souvenir shops to fit most tastes and budgets. 


Cruise Day 8: Day at Sea  (Tuesday: May 10)

enjoy all the amenities of the Rhapsody of the Seas


Cruise Day 9: Kotor, Montenegro  (Wednesday, May 11 / 8:00am - 4:00pm)

Croatia MontenegroWith a population of 650.000, Montegro is an enchanting little country full of extreme geographical diversities. Great mountains with snow peaks, steep fiord-like hills, mountain lakes, mystical monasteries carved in the solid rock, sandy and sunny beaches that go on for miles alongside the coast….that is Montenegro. Located where the Balkans meet the Adriatic, Kotor sits on a deep bay surrounded by soaring cliffs. A hilltop fortress stands guard over the walled medieval Old Town, where you'll find small piazzas, elegant palazzos, lively cafes and shops.
Included Shore Excursion
Croatia St StefanAfter meeting our guide at the pier our tour of Kotor, Saint Stefan and Budva will begin. We get to drive along the 12 1/2 mile stretch of Budvan Riviera and enjoy spectacular views of the fabulous private island of St. Stefan, a luxurious resort that once used to be a small fishing village. Then explore the ancient town of Budva, considered to be one of the oldest settlements on the Balkan Peninsula and over 2500 years old. Surrounded by ramparts originating from the 15th century including a medieval fortification system with city gates, defense walls and towers. Budva's old city is a small labyrinth of narrow streets, the Citadela (an ancient castle), and little squares with valuable monuments of different Mediterranean cultures. Our tour continues as we discover the fascinating history of Kotor, one of Montenegro's most well-preserved medieval towns. Along the water is a formidable Venetian wall, which lends the city a medieval atmosphere. Within the walls are numerous stone churches including the Kotor (St. Tryphon) Cathedral built in 1166 and numerous palaces built by the important mercantile families of the city's past. Walk through the maze of Kotor's medieval quarter, its bustling market and beautiful Renaissance buildings.


Cruise Day 10: Zadar, Croatia  (Thursday: May 12 / 10:00am - 6:30pm)

Croatia ZadarSituated on the Adriatic Sea, Zadar's rich history dates from prehistoric times as a Roman colony to present day. An intriguing city full of character, it is the fifth largest city in Croatia boasting a mixture of ancient ruins, Habsburg elegance, historical sights and cosmopolitan cafes. Two thirds of the city was destroyed in World War II and the more recent War of Independence, but careful restoration sits  happily alongside impressive  modern architecture. Zadar is a unique location with plenty for travelers to see, like the harmonic spectacle of the Sea Organ and the majestic Roman ruins that sprout randomly from the streets.

Included Shore Excursion
Croatia Zadar monumentsBe greeted by the Greeting to the Sun, a man-made 300-glass-plate circle, flush with the ground, as we come ashore. At the end of the Quay is Zadar's newest feature, the Sea Organ. This unusual organ is powered by the wind and the sea. When the sea pushes air through the whistles, a series of melancholy chords are played, with the sound emerging through the perforated stone stairs. You have to hear it to believe it! It will be easy to appreciate the sites of Zadar on our guided 3-hour walking tour of the historical center and the city's defensive walls, built by the Venetians in the 16th century as a defense against the Turks. The oldest part of the walls is on the eastern side of town, where a footbridge connects the Old Town with the newer parts. Opposite the footbridge are four medieval gates. We will visit the Church of St. Donatus, a round pre-Romanesque church built around the 9th century and has become a sort of symbol of Zadar. With a round, central building and three semi-circular apses, its features are most unusual.


Cruise Day 11: Venice Italy  (Friday: May 13 / 6:45am)

Discover the magic and mystery of Venice, a city built entirely on water. Along the iconic Piazza San Marco, elaborate buildings attest to its splendor and elegance. But the city's character lies along crooked calli and across little bridges.


Royal Caribbean's Rhapsody of the Sea  Cruise Map
Croatia Rhapsody of the seas Croatia Cruise map

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10-Nights Croatia and Exotic Mediterranean Singles Cruise

** All Shore Excursions Included **

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