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Cuba Singles Cruise
7 Nights / 3 Historic Cities from Miami
May 28 - June 4, 2017

Unbeatable Value. Unforgettable Experience.
Join Best Single Travel on the first cruise ship to be granted U.S. approval for round-trip travel between the U.S. and multiple destinations in Cuba. Our Cuba singles cruise itinerary includes the port cities of Havana, Cienfuegos, and Santiago de Cuba. As we join the first wave of U.S. travelers to Cuba by sea for more than half a century, feel the excitement in the air from the moment you step on board our ship. Cuban movies, Cuban music, Cuban cuisine – they’ll all be part of our outbound voyage, as we learn more about the remarkable people we’re about to meet.

7 Nights, 3 Historic Cities Immersive Cultural Exchange Relax and Recharge
Cuba builiding Cuba music Cuba passengers

Board the MV Adonia and have the opportunity to interact with the artists, musicians, business owners, and families who make up the fabric of Cuban society. As we engage with the Cuban people, we’ll also experience the sights and sounds of their beautiful country: the Spanish and French colonial architecture, classic American cars, traditional Cuban music and dance, the coastal fortresses and tall cathedrals, the cannons on San Juan Hill, and the shores of Cojimar, Ernest Hemingway’s favorite fishing village.
Enjoy the sights, the sounds, tastes and rhythms of everyday life and relax knowing that virtually all the costs, including meals, lodging, and daytime shore excursions, are already planned for you and covered in the price of your Cuba singles cruise.

 Seven Days That Could Change The Way You See The World

 When our ship docks in Havana on Monday, our journey begins. During your time onshore, you’ll visit historic sites both ancient and modern. You’ll see those famous American cars, taste that famous Cuban rum, and dance, if you’re so inclined, to the legendary rhythms of the island. But the true value of this journey is the opportunity to get to know the Cuban people one on one as you connect, not just to their heritage and culture, but to their everyday lives and personal stories.


HavanaHavana:  Cuba’s colorful capital is probably best known for the Spanish-influenced architecture of Old Havana. But its historic castles, fortresses, cathedrals, mansions and public buildings vie for attention with the city’s lively music and entertainment scene, an eclectic and sophisticated mix of museums, art galleries, music, dance, and open-air festivals that take full advantage of the island’s sunny Caribbean climate.
Our adventure begins with the flavors of Old Havana and an authentic Cuban lunch at a local paladar. Experience the city’s 16th-century heritage with a walking tour of Old Havana and a stroll down the Prado will bring us to the Capitol. Visit the four main squares, all rimmed by colorful Spanish Colonial architecture and bustling with activity. But this is a people-to-people day, too: We’ll meet business owners and workers and see, firsthand current restoration efforts in this UNESCO site. Shop at the Almacenes San José Artisans’ Market, Havana’s largest craft market. Our city tour will also include a visit to the Havana Club Museum of Rum, with a short real-time tour of the rum-making process followed by – what else? – a tasting. Tonight we’ll sample Havana’s legendary music and entertainment scene, a very different side of the city’s heritage.
Cuban artOur second day begins with a visit to a place where Cuban history is still being made. At the Plaza de la Revolucion, Fidel Castro has addressed millions of Cubans and Pope Francis held Mass. Hear the stories, as we tour the 140-acre Cementerio de Cristóbal Colón, whose central avenues, sculptural monuments, and elaborate baroque-style mausoleums make this massive cemetery almost a city of its own.
The next focus of our day will be on arts and agriculture. Maybe we’ll visit the home of famed Cuban artist Jose Fuster, or the community art project of Muraleando. Or share the pride of Cubans in the Museum Nacional de Bellas Artes, which houses Cuban art that spans five centuries. We’ll tour a local organic farm, where plants and seedlings are raised for supply to residential and collective farms. Follow the footsteps of one of Cuba’s most famous expatriate artists, visit to Ernest Hemingway’s Cuban residence of Finca Vigía and then on an excursion to the nearby fishing village of Cojimar, one of Hemingway’s favorite retreats and the setting for The Old Man and the Sea.


Cienfuegos:  The coastal city of Cienfuegos, the center of Cuba’s sugar, tobacco, and coffee trades, is known to Cubans as the Pearl of the South. Near the entrance to the city’s spectacular natural bay stands the great stone fortress of Castillo de Jagua, built in 1745 to protect the city against pirate attacks.
Cienfuegos portDuring our walking tour of Cienfuegos, it won’t take us long to see why the city’s historic center, with its remarkable collection of French-influenced Neoclassical buildings, has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. And it won’t take us long to realize why the Cubans call this small but shining port city, with its wide seaside boulevards and sparkling bay, La Perla del Sur: The Pearl of the South. On our morning walk, we’ll visit a pharmacy, a market, and a local ration store, meeting local residents and learning about Cuba’s country-wide ration and dual currency systems. Our day also includes a private performance by the renowned a capella Choir of Cienfuegos, with the opportunity to sit down afterward with the musicians to learn more about their lives, their training, and their roles as music professors at area schools.


Santiago De Cuba: The distinctly Caribbean spirit of Santiago de Cuba is evident in every aspect of the city’s cultural life. Cuba’s second largest city is home to the popular festivals of Carnaval and the Fiesta del Fuego, as well as to many of the country’s most famed musicians and artists and some of its most visited historic sites.
ports SantiagodeCubaOur final port is Santiago de Cuba, capital of the Spanish colony of Cuba from 1522 until 1589 and still the island’s most important city after Havana. Today we step deep into the colonial past as we tour Castillo de San Pedro de la Roca. The coastal fortress, constructed in 1637 for the protection of the port city, holds the country’s most complete and best-preserved examples of Spanish-American military architecture and artifacts.
The more recent past is represented at the location of the Battle of San Juan Hill, where we visit the watchtower, get an up-close view of the cannons used during this important battle of the Spanish-American War, and view the memorial dedicated to those who lost their lives. Also on our day’s itinerary are other local landmarks, including the country’s tallest heroic statue in Antonio Maceo Revolution Square and the red-domed towers of the Basílica de Nuestra Señora de la Caridad del Cobre, Cuba’s most sacred pilgrimage site. 

Adventure or Relaxation at Sea
By land-area measurements, Cuba is the largest country in the Caribbean. Traveling by ship means we only have to unpack once. While we transit hundreds of miles between ports choose how to spend your time. Learn how to salsa, and maybe even tango. Practice some elementary Spanish or take a workshop on how to make great travel photos. Learn the art of making an authentic Cuban cocktail such as a Mojito, Cuba Libre or Daiquiri. You make your own adventure at sea, which may be as simple as enjoying a great book and cool drink by the pool.

The modern 704-passenger Adonia, our home for the seven days, is a small adventure in itself. In addition to being small enough to let us get genuinely acquainted with our fellow travelers who share our hunger for a different kind of travel experience, our cruise will also nourish our bodies with thoughtfully prepared meals that include a variety of choices, including vegetarian options. There’s a pool, a gym, a games deck, even a full-sized library. And, of course, there’s the infinite mystery of the wide, wide sea around us.


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Cuba Singles Cruise
May 28 - June 4, 2017
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