If you have never traveled on a group tour you are missing out on a great opportunity and lots of fun!  There are lots of tour options to choose from. You can travel with a large group or small group, long trips or short ones, close to home or around the world. There are tours for all almost every interest or hobby - photography - history - cooking - religious - singles..  the choices are limitless.

10 Great Reasons To Take A Group Vacation

1. The number one reason to travel with a group is your never alone, unless of course you want to be. It’s always nice to have people to share a beautiful sunset or an amazing scene with.

2. Eliminate the stress and time of planning the trip itinerary. Why waste time making reservations, picking the hotels and attractions or trying to figure out how to get from location to location? The tour company does it all for you.

3. Safety is always a high priority when traveling, and there is definitely safety in numbers. Traveling with a group is a safe option as tour operators always know where to visit and where to stay away from.

4. A tour leader or tour hostess is always available to answer your questions, ensure your safety and to make sure you are having a good time.

5. Make new friends and travel buddies as you see the world. Most people on your tour will be friendly, have similar interests and will want to socialize. Offer to take someone’s photo and they will take yours.

6. You can find a group tour to almost anywhere you want to travel to. Most tour companies have spent years researching and testing their itineraries that they offer so you can choose the perfect tour.

7. Your family and friends will be reassured. A group tour gives your family and friends reassurance that you will be fine on your vacation. They will not need to worry as you are with a group and they will have an emergency contact information, just in case.

8. You know what your travel expenses will be before you depart from home. Since you purchased a group tour, you have already pre-paid your accommodations, sightseeing and transportation plus you will know what meals are included. This enables you to plan in advance how much money you will need for your trip to purchase souvenirs, tips and pay for non-included meals.

9. As part of a tour you often get access to destinations you would not be able to visit on your own. Sometimes the group gets access before or after the general public.


10. Tour operators have access to the best local guides. Your tours in most cities will be led by a local guide, so why not have the best. These guides will share their knowledge and a great guide can make your vacation more enjoyable.

Think of group travel as a great way to meet new people, see amazing sights and make memories for life while having a great stress free time.  Get out there and book your dream group tour vacation now!