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Monday - Friday

8:00am - 5:00pm

10:00am - 3:00pm

** Arizona Time **


***Living In Luxury***
40's - 50's and 60's Singles Vacations

Villas Around The World

Stay for a Week, 2 Weeks, 3 Weeks or the Entire Month

A villa or a resort. Really now, what’s the difference? Try this: A villa is all Best Single Travel's. The beds, the bar, the lawn, the pool and every piece of furniture. Sprawl out on all of the above. That’s the kind of freedom we like. Want to skinny-dip in the pool at midnight? Go for it. Hankering for eggs and bacon at dinner? Bon appétit. Bring your computer and work out in the sun - why not? The rules at a villa are the house rules, and — for one month, anyway — it’s our house.


** What Does Living In Luxury Include **

* A Warm Welcome awaits you when you arrive at your vacation villa! *
* Singles Host - The same singles host will be staying at the villa for the entire month. *

* Private or Shared Accommodations in a Luxurious Villa *
* Maid Service - Every house has 6 day a week maid service included *
* Stocked Bar - The house will be stocked with Gin, Tequila, Vodka, Rum, mixes, juices, wine and beer *
* Continental Breafast - Toast, jam, butter, orange juice, and tea or coffee, hard boiled eggs and fresh fruit *
* Welcome Dinner - Relax the first night in your villa and enjoy an outdoor barbecue or homemade dnner *
* Airport Transfers - Transportation to and from the villa will be provided *
* Essentials - Linens & towels are provided. We suggest to bring shampoo, conditioner and favorite soap *
* Internet Access - All villas have wifi available *
* Automobile - Our host will have a company car for emergency needs *
* Shopping trip - The first day to take you for all the essentials you will need for your vacation *
Recommendations on activities, restaurants, bars, tours, fishing trips and car rentals*

Remember this is your house for as long as you stay.
The kitchen is available 24x7, Cook what you want when you want. 


Sousa, Dominican Republic
Sea Horse Ranch Luxury Villa
September 2017
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