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Panama Canal and South America Singles Cruise
Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Santiago, Chile
November 23 - December 8, 2017 

Take the world's greatest shortcut from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific with Best Single Travel. Board our Panama Canal and South America cruise in Florida and sail through the Panama Canal, an historic man-made wonder. 

Celebrity Infinity Cruise Map
CEL IN Infinity 992x744 FLL GCM PTY MEC LIM GSM ARI VAP 280x210

The fun is limitless on the Celebrity Infinity but still has the classic elements that Celebrity is known for, such as a martini bar, champagne and caviar bar, and Michael's Club, an intimate lounge where you can sink into a high-back leather chair for after-dinner conversation. Stroll through the Magnolia Garden, a floating botanical conservatory located atop the ship and boasting two-deck-high windows. The Sports Deck boasts full-court basketball, volleyball and table tennis, while the Resort Deck is dedicated to health and fitness, with its luxurious AquaSpa offering such treatments as aromatherapy massage, a thalassotherapy pool, hydrobath and fog shower. Words is a two-story library with quiet nooks for reading, and Notes is a music library where passengers can access thousands of digital musical recordings at state-of-the-art personal listening stations.
This 2,170 passenger ship features a vast array of dining options from the innovative Qsine, which is truly a culinary spectacle, to the light fare offered at Blu and the relaxing Café al Bacio with its delicious selection of gelato. Celebrity Cruises prides itself on its cuisine and offer their passengers a myriad of specialty food choices, from vegetarian and diabetic options to the Lean and Light selections highlighted on lunch and dinner menus. Then treat yourself to some fun too by dancing the night away the Constellation Disco.

Panama Canal & South America Singles Cruise Daily Itinerary

Cruise Day 1: Fort Lauderdale, Florida (Thursday: November 23, 2017 / Embark 4:30pm)
Ft lauderdale cruise portFort Lauderdale lies along the Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of the New River, 25 miles north of Miami. Its warm tropical weather attracts many people throughout the year. For sun-worshippers, the city has six miles of beaches. There are also many recreational waterways with extensive boating facilities, access to every conceivable watersport, a variety of fascinating museums and trendy restaurants, and an array of entertainment venues.
Board Ship - 12:00am - 2:30pm


Cruise Day 2: Day at Sea (Friday: November 24, 2017)
Relax on our first day at sea as we have lots of fun shore excursions planned. Enjoy all the amenities of the Celebrity Infinity plus the onboard singles activities.


Cruise Day 3: George Town, Grand Cayman (Saturday, November 25, 2017 / 8:00am-5:00pm)
stingray cityGrand Cayman is one of a group of three magnificent tropical islands Christopher Columbus called "Las Tortugas" (the turtles) for the sea creatures he found in the ocean water. The designation did not endure, however, for on later maps the islands were labeled the Caimanau, the Carib Indian word for "crocodile." The name "Caimanas" refers inaccurately to the iguanas native to the islands, which were perhaps at one point mistaken for crocodiles. Among other attractions, visitors to the island will enjoy learning about the turtles, visiting the town of Hell, exploring Seven-Mile Beach and enjoying the undersea world.
Optional Shore Excursion: Stingray City Experience (3 1/2 hours - $50) - Enjoy our boat ride to a series of sandbars in the shallow waters of Grand Cayman’s North Sound where wild stingrays gather. When we arrive, hop in the clear blue water, which is about waist- to chest-high, to interact with the friendly stingrays. We can pet them, swim with them and feed them by hand with food provided by our guide. You can even go in for a stingray kiss, which local legend says brings you seven years of good luck! Then time for reef snorkeling before heading back to shore.

Cruise Day 4: Day at Sea (Sunday: November 26, 2017)
If you have a passion for food, wine, and spirits - the Celebrity Infinity has a menu of activities you're sure to love. Experience just how robust life at sea can be.

Cruise Day 5: Panama Canal (Monday: November 27, 2017)
Panama CanalToday we traverse the 40-mile Panama Canal, a rite of passage and something we'll remember for a lifetime. Behold as two great oceans connect in this amazing canal, one of the world’s most sophisticated engineering marvels. Watch a small pilot boat motor up to our mega-ship, drop off a special canal pilot that boards our ship to navigate us through the canal and locks.
The first of the three locks we reach are the Gatún Locks, where our ship will be lifted up from the Caribbean Sea and deposited into Lago Gatún. The closed circuit TVs on our ship provide commentary and the bow of the ship (normally off limits) is open to passengers. The Gatún Locks will open and our ship smoothly glides in. Once inside, the gates will slowly seal closed behind us, water begins to pump in, and the Celebrity Infinity begins to rise.
Gatun LakeOnce in Lake Gatún, we slowly cruise this massive lake that is very wide at points, passing lush jungle, feeder rivers, overgrown islands, and even hilly, nearly mountainous terrain. Enormous freighters occasionally pass by in the opposite direction as tropical birds soar overhead. The wide lake ultimately begins to narrow and our pilot navigates our ship into the actual canal section where we reach the Pedro Miguel locks and begin our first of two descents.
The third and final set of locks are the Miraflores Locks where we we descend 54 feet in two stages. Then we pass under the Bridge of the Americas, which connects North and South America. and seems to be nerve-rackingly close to the top of our ship before we reach the Pacific Ocean.


Cruise Day 6: Day at Sea (Tuesday: November 28, 2017)
If you're passionate about having fun, the Celebrity Infinity has lots of activities designed to keep us on our toes and challenge our competitive spirit.


Cruise Day 7: Manta, Ecuador (Wednesday: November 29, 2017 7:00am - 2:30pm)
Manta EcuadorUncovering authentic local finds and having experiences that make you feel like you’ve really connected with a place are important elements in ensuring an extraordinary vacation. We’re taking advantage of our partnership with Travel + Leisure to get their editors’ recommendations and insider tips on the places you will want to visit. Here are their picks for just one of the 150 destinations they covered.
Included Shore Excursion: Manta City Tour (3 1/2 hours) - After meeting our private guide we are off the local fish market. .Come and see the market, marlin, shark, Mahi, and others; this market is the place where restaurants and homes come to buy their fish, experience something different at this market, the fishermen are very friendly and they will even pose for you. Eat encebollado with the locals, this soup is the most popular dish in town, prepared with fresh tuna and served with plantain chips
Our next stop is the boat factory where all the “fishing yachts” are hand built from the bottom keel up with no factory design, no expensive machinery, no expensive hand tools and all done with manual labor from skills past down from generations of local Ecuadorians. Then we visit the Cancebi Museum, built in 1918 the building displays hand made ancient tools, guns and more.  
Montecristi EcuadorFinally we will head to Montecristi where a handful of master weavers, the creators of the finest straw hats in the world "Montecristi Panama Hats" live. Montecristi panama hats are made from toquilla straw, hand-split into strands not much thicker than thread and woven so finely, at first a panama hat appears to be made from linen. Masterpieces of detail, the edges of these panama hats are woven back into the brim never trimmed and sewn like lesser quality panama hats. Each panama hat is woven by a single artisan, hand-blocked, and takes months to complete. Because there are so few master weavers of panama hats left (two generations ago there were 2000 panama hat weavers; today there are about 20 weavers of panama hats), these works of woven art are becoming endangered to the point of disappearing.


Cruise Day 8: Day at Sea (Thursday: November 30, 2017)
If you have a passion for all things "wellness," the Celebrity Infinity has designed a collection of activities to rejuvenate you-inside and out. Spend your day relaxing at the pool or check out one of spa specials.

Lima PeruCruise Day 9: Lima, Perú (Friday, December 1, 2017 / Docked 9:00am - )
Lima, the capital of Peru, sits on the country's dry Pacific coast. Though its colonial center is well preserved, today Lima is a bustling metropolis that's one of South America’s largest cities. It’s known for its vibrant food scene, encompassing specialties from ceviche and traditional coastal cooking to refined global fare. It's also home to the preeminent Museo Larco collection of pre-Columbian art and the Museo de la Nación, tracing the history of Peru’s ancient civilizations.
Optional Morning Shore Excursions - Swim with the Sea Lions (4 hours - $75) - Our tour begins as we board a swim with sea lionssmall boat at Callao Harbor and head to Palomino Islands. During our boat ride, we will have many opportunities to observe sea birds, such as pelicans, the Inca Tern, the Peruvian booby, red-legged cormorants, quanay cormorants and occasionally, Humboldt penguins. Once we reach Palomino Islands, we will be provided with wet-suits and life-jackets to enjoy a wonderful swim in the Pacific Ocean with the sea lions! This is a truly special experience and perfect for everyone. The sea lions are friendly animals and may approach us, however, we cannot touch them just simply enjoy seeing them in their natural habitat and sharing a space with them. 
After our swim,we'll be taken back to the harbor and then back to our cruise ship for lunch.
The Ruins of Pachacamac (4 hours - $95) - We will drive south about 40 minutes to the Pachacamac archaeological Pachacamaccomplex. Visit the Pachacamac Museum, located at the entrance of the ruins to see various ancient relics found at the site during excavations. Among the remains are various decorated ceramics, textiles and carving woods representing Pachacamac God. Then explore the site with our local guide and visit its most important pyramids, including the north pyramid, a well preserve estructure with truncated shape. From the top of the north pyramid is amazing views of the nearby Lurin Valley, the Pacific Ocean and the large plazas the Incas built to receive hundreds of pilgrims who venerated this god. On our tour we will also see the Acllahuasi temple or the house of Mamaconas (name for a group of women, sent from important cities for religious ceremonies and the production of fine textiles for the nobility). 
Included Afternoon Shore Excursion - Lima City Tour (3:00pm - 4 hours) - We start our city tour of Lima with a great panoramic view of La Huaca Pucllana, an old pre-Inca lima peru nightconstruction dating back to 500 BC. Then we head towards the heart of the city for a walking tour of the colonial sites. Among them stand out; The Paseo de la Republica (Promenade of the Republic), San Martin Square and the Plaza Mayor (Main Square of Lima), with their different buildings: Government Palace, Archibishop's Palace, the Basilica Cathedral and the Municipal Palace. Our tour continues at the Convent of San Francisco, which was built in colonial times and still today keeps all the treasures from the Spanish era, including subterranean catacombs. Next we drive to the modern section of this great metropolis to visit the district of San Isidro, stopping at its Olive Grove. Finally we visit the district of Miraflores with the Larco Mar shopping center, built on a spectacular cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.


Cruise Day 10: Lima, Perú (Saturday, December 2, 2017 / Docked  - 7:00pm)
Caral RuinsPaul Kosok discovered Caral in 1948, but it received little attention because it appeared to lack many artifacts. Archaeologist Ruth Shady further explored the 4,000- to 4,600-year-old city of temples in the Peruvian desert, with its elaborate complex of temples, an amphitheater and ordinary houses. The urban complex is spread out over 150 acres and contains plazas and residential buildings. Caral was a thriving metropolis at roughly the same time that Egypt's great pyramids were being built.
Caral is the largest recorded site in the Andean region with dates older than 2000 BCE and appears to be the model for the urban design adopted by Andean civilizations that rose and fell over the span of four millennium. It is believed that Caral may answer questions about the origins of Andean civilizations and the development of the first cities.
Included Shore Excursion - Caral: Discover the oldest civilization in America (full day) Today we drive Caralnorth of Lima approximately 3 hours towards the lost city of Caral. During our excursion we will see the Sacred Fire, a little temple where remains of coal, bones, seeds and quartz were found. Then we see the amphitheater, a circular plaza with ceremonial features, believed to be where the men of Caral carried out religious ceremonies. Later we reach the Greater Pyramid, a strikingly large building located in a dominating position within the urban plan of Caral. It is said that officials standing on the highest part of this pyramid could monitor not only the activities going on the city, but also a large part of the capital area in the middle valley. At the pyramid was found the corpse of a young man probably sacrificed in honor to local gods and walls decorated with small figures and collars made of shark teeth. It is believed that the Great Pyramid was the center of the political, administrative and religious power. From one side of the pyramid we will be able to see the green Valley of Caral that lies just behind the pyramid. Next we reach the pyramid called Huanca, a small building overlooking a mysterious monolith. Archaeologists believe that this monolith was used for astronomical and ceremonial purposes. After our tour relax on our drive back to the port.


Cruise Day 11: Pisco, San Martin, Peru (Sunday: December 3, 2017 / 8:00am - 6:00pm)
Pisco, founded in 1640, is a medium sized town on the Southern Coast of Peru just south of Lima. Hit by a 2007 earthquake that destroyed its infrastructure, it is now a city on the rebound. It's nearby beach resort of Paracas, is a base for tours to the Paracas Reserve and Islas Ballestas.
Included Morning Shore Excursion - Ballestas Islands Boat RideDuring our boat ride to the Ballestas Islands, in the Paracas National Reserve, we will Ballestas boatstop to see the mysterious figure of the famous Candelabro. Nobody knows who did it and why? There are many hypotheses about it, many people believed is related to the Nazca lines, others link the drawing to the Southern Cross constellation and many other believe it is a stylized drawing of a cactus, that was used by high Inca and pre-Inca priests as hallucinogen.. Then our ride continues toward Ballestas Islands where we can enjoy the beautiful seascape full of large colonies of sea lions, sea lions, boobies, pelicans, penguins and marine birds, among many other species converge looking for shelter. We will boat around the islands, through caves and rock formations where we will observe sea lions, boobies, pelicans, penguins and marine birds, among many other species converge looking for shelter.
Included Afternoon Shore Excursion - Winery and Pisco Tour - Ica is a desert, but amazingly it is also the main pisco vineyardlocation in Peru for the production of red wine and a Peruvian brandy known as "Pisco", a very strong drink and the national drink of Peru. In ancient days, slaves were forced to stomp the grapes all night with their bare feet, then the wine was fermented. During our tour, we will visit two wineries. The first winery is a small, family-run winery where Pisco and red wine is produced using the same techniques that were invented by the descendents of the Spanish invaders. See the clay jars known as "botijas" where the crushed grapes were allowed to ferment, and hear how wine and pisco was created in the colonial era. Then we will visit a winery that is a large, modern winery that produces huge volumes of wine and pisco. At both wineries, there will be a chance to sample the wine and pisco. 


Cruise Day 12: Day at Sea (Monday: December 4, 2017)
If you're passionate about energizing your gray matter, while having fun, discover an assortment of onboard activities designed to spark your intellectual curiosity.


Cruise Day 13: Arica, Chile (Tuesday: December 5, 2017 / 8:00am - 6:00pm)
Arica ChileArica is an oasis bordered by desert and fertile valleys fed by snowmelt from the Andes. Visit the Plaza Colón, Eiffel's iron Cathedral of San Marcos, and the archaeology museum in the nearby Azapa Valley, which houses relics dating back to 10,000 B.C.
Included Shore Excursion: Arica and Ancient Cultures (7 hours) - Our tour begins with a brief visit to Arica's town center, then on to the Lluta River estuary and a visit to an area declared a nature sanctuary due to the large number and variety of birds to be found there. We enter the Lluta Valley, following the international highway that leads to La Paz, Bolivia, stopping along the way to see examples of Geoglyphs, made hundreds of years ago by the natives. Upon arrival at the village of Poconchile, settled in the 8th century we will visit the church, the village’s main attraction.
PoconchileOn descending into the Azapa Valley, the contrast between the desert and the fertile valley stands out in all its beauty. Visit the village of San Miguel where the main attractions are its church and cemetery, and the San Miguel de Azapa Archaeological Museum, an amazing and synthesized display of the socio-cultural development of the central southern area of the Andes. The museum’s main attractions are the World’s Oldest Examples of Mummification, the Chinchorro people.
After time lunch we’ll visit the local artisans village for souvenirs and the Fruit Markets with a chance to see the fruit and vegetables of the area as well as trying the traditional Azapa olives before returning to the port.

Cruise Day 14: Day at Sea (Wednesday: December 6, 2017 )
We have had a busy few days. Today let's enjoy all the amenities of our cruise ship, the Celebrity Infinity.


Cruise Day 15: Day at Sea (Thursday: December 7, 2017 )
Relax and admire all the great photos you have taken as we enjoy our final day at sea.


Cruise Day 16: Valparaiso, Chile (Friday: December 8, 2017 / Disembark 5:00am)
valparaíso chileThe picturesque neighborhoods of Valparaíso extend up into the hills overlooking the busy port and the Pacific Ocean beyond. To explore the churches and architectural landmarks that make this a World Heritage site, ride the ascencors, a series of elevators that are over 100 years old.
Included Excursion: Valaparaiso to Santiago Tour - ​​​After disembarking our cruise for the final time, we are met at the pier by our private guide. Our tour begins in Valparaiso, visiting its down-town area (El Plano ) and driving through its Santiago Chileoutstanding nineteenth century buildings.  Then we drive up to the colorful neighborhoods clinging to the hills where we will enjoy the real flavor and magic of “ La Joya del Pacifico” (Valparaiso nickname).  On our way to Santiago we visit the next coastal city called Viña del Mar which is Chile’s newest summer resort city. It is also know around the whole country as “La Ciudad Jardin”( Garden City ) due to its colorful and wonderful flowers which are everywhere all year around.  Visit the tourist boulevard, Avenue Peru and pass by Chile’s oldest Casino to get a lovely Pacific Ocean view of the city’s popular beach.
Our tour ends at the post-cruise hotel where you can share a taxi or shuttle to the airport or spend the night enjoying Santiago with the group on our post-cruise package.

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Panama Canal & South America Singles Cruise

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