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7-Night Mediterranean Wine Lovers Singles Cruise
** Wine Tasting in Every Port Included **
Norwegian Epic  -  June 19 - June 26, 2016
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It's All About The Wine and Singles Cruising! 

You are invited to cruise with Best Single Travel along coasts kissed by the crystal clear blue waters of the Mediterranean. Experience old world atmosphere and breathtaking views at some of the world's finest and unforgettable grape vineyards and olive groves. Taste the many different wines and dishes of Mediterranean Italy, France and Spain. Discover wine making traditions centuries old as we cruise from port to port onboard the Norwegian Epic.

All Shore Excursions Included

Wine Tasting in All 5 Ports *

Amalfi Coast Drive * Pasta Making Class

Florence Walking Tour * Visit Tarquina’s Necropoli

Cannes Walking Tour * Saint Honorat Island Tour


** Plus Singles Group Mingling with Wine Sharing On-board **


Mediterranean Wine Lovers Singles Cruise Itinerary

Cruise Day 1: Barcelona, Spain  (Sunday: June 19 / 6:00PM)
Wine Cruise MapThe capital of Catalonia, Barcelona, is a place of history, where you can lose yourself strolling down the medieval streets of the Barri Gotic. When you come to Barcelona drink Sangria, a very popular Spanish summer drink. You can get it in almost every bar or restaurant and it’s possible that in each bar the Sangria will be different. Sangria is the icon of a Spanish fiesta, especially in the summer, because it’s full of fruit and refreshes you. Sangria consists of wine, some kind of soda or juice, fruit, sugar and different types of liquor.

Board the Cruise Ship
Make your way to the cruise ship and board at your leisure. (If you have booked the pre-night hotel package, group transfers have been arranged). Meet your cruise hosts and fellow cruise mates tonight at dinner.


Cruise Day 2: Day at Sea  (Monday: June 20)

Enjoy all the amenities of the Norwegian Epic.


Cruise Day 3: Naples, Italy / Amalfi Coast - Cantina del Vesuvio Wine Tasting  (Tuesday: June 21 / 7:00am - 7:00pm)
Wine Cruise Italy Amalfi DriveSouthern Italy has been producing wine for over 4000 years and the wine business was already booming when the Phoenicians arrived in 2000 B.C, The Greeks dubbed southern Italy "The Land of Wine. The region surrounding Naples is home to the Amalfi Coast, the isle of Capri, Mt. Vesuvius, pizza and the rich soil and temperate climate ideal for growing grapes. This area has long presented the world with superb wine, many of them derived from Ancient Greek grape varietals: little-known "blockbuster" reds and fragrant, delicate whites.

Included Shore Excursion

Wine Cruise Cantina Del VesuvioEmbark on a spectacular drive along the Amalfi Coast, one of Europe's most dramatic shorelines. The winding cliff top road offers breathtaking panoramic views at every turn. As you catch your breath, notice the colors of the Mediterranean, a sheer 500-foot drop below. Perched high on the cliffs above Amalfi and famous for its views and gardens is the village of Ravello. Explore the medieval streets and garden villas on our short stop there. 

Next we head towards the mythical Mount Vesuvius for a wine tasting lunch at Cantina del Vesuvio. Located in the center of the National Park of Vesuvius, the food couldn’t be more fresh and the grapes are harvested on the volcano. The minerals in the soil give their wines a deliciously different taste. The vineyard is located 50 yards from the estate, so all of the wine is Wine Cruise Cantina Del Vesuvio winecultivated and bottled in-house. Cantina del Vesuvio offers a wide range of wines including white, red, rosé, sparkling rosé and many after dinner liquors. The cuisine of Campania is tantalizing and we’ll taste local products like just-made buffalo mozzarella, sauce made with little tomatoes grown in their garden and bruschetta freshly baked in the oven. Together with homemade pastas, hams, salamis and cheeses, we have all we need for a delicious wine tasting lunch. Cantina del Vesuvio's wine is only sold on site so take the opportunity to purchase any or all of the wines that you have tasted before we drive back to our ship.


Cruise Day 4: Civitavecchia, Italy / Tarquina’s Necropoli - Etruscan Wine Tasting  (Wednesday: June 22 / 6:00am - 7:00pm)
Wine Cruise CerveteriAncient Rome played a great role in the history of wine with the earliest influences on the viticulture being traced to the ancient Etruscans. The Etruscans believed wine in all its varieties of taste, color, and aroma was a sacred nectar. Today Rome does not have the wine reputation of most of Italy’s other regions. But just Northwest of Rome, stretching out and up along the Mediterranean coast is the wine area of Cerveteri. Wine making tradition here stretches back to pre-Roman times and many of the labels refer to the local Etruscan heritage. Around the city of Cerveteri is an Italian DOC wine region that produces red and white blended wines.

Included Shore Excursion
Wine Cruise Tarquinas NecropoliBefore we taste the wine, we should learn about the history, the habits and the customs of the Etruscan (pre-Roman) civilization by visiting the Tarquina Necropolis and museum. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Tarquinia was the main city of the Etruscans. More than 6,000 of their tombs have been discovered, of which 20 are open. Most tombs are carved into the rock, and were hidden under burial mounds. The interior of the tombs can be visited with staircases that take us down a few feet underground, so we'll end up at eye level with the burial chamber itself. Electric lighting has been added and illuminates the painted walls of the tomb which are adorned with scenes of human life that include huntsmen, fishermen, musicians, dancers, jugglers and athletes. The painted tombs illustrate the wealth and power of the occupants for whom they were built.

Wine Cruise Casale Cento Corvi wineCasale Cento Corvi winery, located in the heart of historical Etruria is our stop for wine tasting and lunch. Casale Cento Corvi has gained great acclaim as the only producers of wine using the ancient grape variety Giacchè. Founded in 2001 by the family Collacciani (three generations of winemakers) the winery is famous for producing excellent and inexpensive wines, along with other local specialties, including olive oils, jams, cheeses etc. The soil is rich in minerals: the mild climate is particularly suited for agriculture; the hills that surround the vineyards act as a barrier against the cold and wind and also against the heat during the summer, giving a special flavor to the grapes. We will taste for ourselves why these features make this vineyard among the best in Italy.


Cruise Day 5: Florence, Italy / Walking Tour - Pasta Making & Wine Tasting  (Thursday: June 23 / 7:00am - 7:00pm) 
Wine Cruise TuscanyTuscany is Italy’s most famous wine region and the home of Chianti, the country’s best-known wine. Sangiovese is Chianti’s principal grape and the main grape in Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Carmignano and the legendary Brunello di Montalcino. The Tuscany landscape is saturated with gorgeous medieval castles and keeps and many of these castles have been converted into world famous wineries. In some years Tuscany produces more than 60 million cases of wine, of which some 8 million are Chianti. Nowadays, the trend seems to be to rediscover the indigenous grapes and more natural wine making methods.

Included Shore Excursion
Wine Cruise Santa Maria del FioreA pleasant drive through the Italian countryside and a walking tour of Florence is a great way to be introduced to Tuscany. As we walk through the streets and piazzas of Florence hear about the Renaissance era and the lives of famous artists, In-between the famous landmarks (like the Duomo, Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral), stroll streets and alleys Wine Cruise Tuscany Cooking Classpaved with original stones from ancient times. 
Then we're off to a wine and olive estate, Villa Pandolfini, to learn to cook pastas such as the ravioli, tagliatelle and gnocchi in a fun hands-on pasta making adventure. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves to roll out the pasta. Taking photos is encouraged as well as drinking wine and singing along with your favorite Italian song, It's time to enjoy the fruits of our labor - Eat the pasta that we just created complemented by the estate’s own wines and extra virgin olive oil. We return to the cruise ship with a full stomach and memories to share.


Cruise Day 6: Cannes, France / Walking Tour - St Honorat Island (Friday: June 24 / 8:00am - 6:00pm)
Wine Cruise French Riviera LandscapeThe south of France is rich in history has beautiful landscapes and produces amazing Rose wine. 2600 years ago the Phoenicians introduced wine making to Provence. Thanks to well drained soil and a favorable climate (hot but not humid, due to the cool Mistral wind that blows from the Alps) the area is great for wine making, The variety of landscapes in Provence means that each terroir (the exact ground on which vine are grown – unique in their soil composition and geographical situation) is subtly different. Dozens of grape varieties can be grown in this part of the world which leads to the production of many distinctive wines.

Included Shore Excursion
Wine Cruise Cannes FranceExplore the old world charm and modern vibe of Cannes (a town famous for its annual film festival) on our guided morning tour of the city. The old town, known as Le Suquet, rises steeply from the port, topped by an 11th century tower. Stroll along the narrow streets, admire flower boxes, colorful shutters and fountains as we pass by quaint cafes and shops. It’s well worth the walk as the views from the top of the street in the Place de la Castre are breathtaking. Cannes' daily market takes place in an unusual pink building and is the place for meat, fish, herbs and vegetables of outstanding quality.  
Wine Cruise Saint HonoratThis afternoon we take a 20 minute ferry to one of the Lerin Islands, a visit to Saint-Honorat is a journey back in time. During our island tour discover a spiritual place founded in the 5th century, Lérins Abbey with seven chapels and ruins. But make no mistake, the Cistercian monks who live here year round are very active, producing excellent wine and the liqueur named Lerina. The 8 hectares vineyard of Saint Honorat is cultivated by the monks and all steps are carried out by the brothers: manual harvest, wine making, shaping raw fermented juice into its final form, ageing of wine, bottling… Discover the unique vintages of white wine, as well as exceptional vintages of red wine during our wine tasting Art de Lérins.


Cruise Day 7: Palma de Morca, Spain / Visit The Past - Wine Tasting & Tapas (Saturday: June 25 / 1:00pm - 8:00pm)
Wine Cruise Palma de MallorcaMallorca's beaches are famous worldwide, but its wines are not so lucky. Wine making has been part of Mallorcan culture for centuries ever since the Romans brought vines to the island. The industry prospered from the 14th century until the end of the 19th century, when the vines were attacked by a plague. Now, as the Spanish island's wine industry rebuilds itself after a few ill-fated centuries, it is producing some exceptionally delicious bottles. The traditional grape of the island is Monastrell (Mourvedre), which in itself isn’t the best single varietal red wine, but when blended with other grapes, the results can be superb.

Included Shore Excursion
Wine Cruise Els Calderers KitchenDrive along the sea front and enjoy a panoramic view of Mallorca including the Bellver Castle. You will feel like you traveled back in time to the 18th century as we visit the estate of Els Calderers. Tour an historic mansion with period furnishings, secondary buildings and dog houses. Stop by the barns, horse stables, and chicken coop where indigenous animals are kept, including the well-known black pig from which the delicious Majorcan "sobrasada" (sausage) is made. There are various workshops such as the smithy with its historic tools, a bake-house, a shed and a laundry. The mansion’s cellar looks as it would have looked several hundreds of years ago with old wine presses and wine barrels. We can visit the bodega and sample the wine.
Wine Cruise Bodegas BordoyThen we travel to one of the Mallorca's hidden treasures of wine making; where two ancient thoroughfares become the winery where Bodegas Bordoy wines are crafted. The dry climate produces low yields but a higher quality of wine. The ground is also different, has a sandy loam structure, which means that it is well drained, provides low fertility, thus limiting the vigor of the plant and the subsoil gives the wines a mineral character. 50% of the vineyard represents the variety Cabernet Sauvignon, followed by 20% Merlot, 15% Syrah and 15% Chardonnay. We will tour the wine’s production and ageing process with the winery’s oneologist. Afterwards, enjoy the views, munch on the tapas and appreciate the aromas and tastes of 5 different wines.


Cruise Day 8: Barcelona, Spain (Sunday: June 26 / 6:00am)

Our cruise ship docks early this morning. Time for breakfast before saying goodbye to all your new friends. Transfer to the airport for your flights home. Have a safe flight!

Plus Everyone Gets..

* A Little Black Book *

Wine Cruise Little Black Wine BookThe Little Black Journal of Wine that is.. Keep track of the wines you taste on your singles cruise vacation. Fine-tune your wine sense as you record ratings and observations of wines you've tasted. The journal includes tips on judging wine and a helpful glossary of wine terms.
*must book by April 1 to get Little Black Wine Journal

2 Bottles of Wine *

Delivered to Your Cabin
Wine Cruise 2 wine bottles
To Share With Your Fellow Cruisers
Choose your favorite or be daring!

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Hotel - Flamenco Show - Breakfast - City Tour - Cruise Transfer
Spain Seville Flamenco
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