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Galapagos Island Hopper - South America Vacation Tours
For 18 - 35 Young Professionals, Singles and Students

Vacation Overview

From the heights of volcanoes to the unexplored waters of Galapagos, this trip is a must for the lovers of the great outdoors. Whether you are snorkelling with sea lions & rays, or chilling with the Galapagos giant tortoise, this adventure is epic

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Vacation Itinerary

Vacation Day 1 - Guayaquil to Isabela Island
Meet up with your 18-35years old trip Crew this morning as we fly to Santa Cruz Island. After our flight, we’ll make our way to the cute little town of Puerto Ayora, but not before your first taste of the incredible natural habitat here – en route we’ll stop to check out the famed giant tortoises in their natural surroundings, and some of the incredible old lava tunnels (some over 1km long) winding their way under the island of Santa Cruz. We’ll stop for lunch before getting out on the water for our first boat ride to Isabela – this nature haven is home to land and sea life that will astound and amaze. Once we arrive on the island we’ll head to town for our first night in the Galapagos National Park.
As you chill and get to know your travel buddies keep an eye out for the friendly reintroduced wild tortoises roaming around. Tonight, relax over dinner & get ready for two nights in this beautiful spot. Hotel (B), (D)

Vacation Day 2 - Isabela Island
This morning we’ll grab some kayaks & get out on the water around Las Tintoreras where we’ll set out in search for the Galapagos Penguin – the only penguin found north of the Equator! On return, spot colourful fish as you snorkel the underground lava tubes. This area is often frequented by green sea turtles that like to rest on the calm, sandy bottom, so make sure you are on the lookout for these incredible creatures as you snorkel through the clear blue water.  Then this afternoon we’ll walk to the Wall of Tears. From 1945 to 1959 this place held prisoners who were forced to build this wall stone by stone. At 25m tall, it took thousands of lives during its construction. Legend has it that cries of those lost can be heard at the site. Hotel (L), (B)

Vacation Day 3 - Isabela Island to Santa Cruz Island
This morning we’ll head to the Giant Tortoise Breeding Center to learn about the island’s natural history on a guided tour, before we take off Santa Cruz Island. Before heading to Santa Cruz Island, you can choose to chill or get active, it's up to you! If you feel like getting out and about, this afternoon’s optional activity is a guided trip to the gorgeous Tortuga Bay. After a half an hour stroll along a path you'll arrive at a stretch of white sandy beach where marine iguanas sunbathe. You also have an opportunity to kayak in the bay in search of sharks, rays, turtles, and great blue herons. This pristine beach is absolute heaven!  Not ready to wield a paddle? No worries – this is the perfect opportunity to sun bathe, body surf, surf, or look for marine iguanas, lava gulls and the famous blue- footed boobies. If you aren’t feeling up for the walk, take to the streets and go local or head to town to shop for souvenirs or relax. Hotel (B)

Vacation Day 4 - Santa Cruz Island to San Cristobal Island
This morning we’ll pay a visit to the Charles Darwin Research Station, once home to one of the island’s most famous residents, the world-famous Lonesome George – who was 100 years old when he died. Here you’ll observe many species of tortoises and land iguanas brought back from the brink of extinction and learn about this centre and research facility. Later we're back on the boat as we head to our next island, San Cristobal. - keep an eye out for bathing sea lions that the island is known for! This island is made up of four volcanoes – all extinct – and later, we’ll head up into the highlands for a scenic downhill bike ride. Starting at a panoramic viewpoint called La Soledad, we’ll bike through the tiny town of El Progreso and five different and varied vegetation zones until we reach a beach La Loberia beach. From there you can check out some of the other locals - we’ll be able to watch cute sea lions sun bathing, playing and vying for our attention. Tonight, it’s all about relaxing over drinks at one of our favourite local spots while watching the sunset. Hotel (B)

Vacation Day 5 - San Cristobal Island
Today we take to the water to get our last glimpse of the famous and equally incredible underwater world of Galapagos. First we’ll cruise along the coast in our boat where our Local Guide will point out the species of shore birds like the Great Frigatebird and other native species.
We begin our stay in search of wildlife and then we are off to Kicker Rock (or Leon Dormido as it’s known by the locals) the remains of a tuff cone - Kicker Rock rising a massive over 143m out of the ocean (that's about 50 floors in building terms). We’ll check out the underwater landscape as we head along the edge and through a channel of this drastic compact ash formation. Your Local Guide will keep you in the know as we look out for sea turtles, spotted eagle rays, chocolate chip starfish, and, with any luck, a Galapagos Shark or two. Don’t worry, they won’t be as interested in you as you are in them, so it's perfectly safe. Later we’ll head to Manglecito, a beautiful beach which is our final stop for the day. After lunch on board, spend your time swimming in the turquoise water or snapping photos of Kicker Rock in the distance. We’ll head back to town late afternoon where we'll be treated to one of the best BBQ’s in the Galapagos at one of the local’s favorite spots to celebrate a great Galapagos trip. Hotel (L), (B), (D)

Vacation Day 6 - San Cristobal Island to Guayaquil
The trip is about to come to an end, but its not over yet. Make the most of the time you have left & soak up those last rays and have a few photos with the crew. Next up is Guayaquil, where it’s time to say ‘adios’ to your team & travel buddies as your tour ends after breakfast. Hotel (B)

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Vacation Prices

Starts Guayaquil / Ends Guayaquil

Start DateEnd DatePriceDeparture
15 Sep 2018 20 Sep 2018 $2,355 Definite
13 Oct 2018 18 Oct 2018 $2,355 Definite
10 Nov 2018 15 Nov 2018 $2,355 Definite
08 Dec 2018 13 Dec 2018 $2,355 Definite
12 Jan 2019 17 Jan 2019 $2,475 Definite
26 Jan 2019 31 Jan 2019 $2,475 Definite

Start DateEnd DatePriceDeparture
18 Feb 2019 23 Feb 2019 $2,475  
11 Mar 2019 16 Mar 2019 $2,475 Definite
15 Apr 2019 20 Apr 2019 $2,475 Definite
13 May 2019 18 May 2019 $2,475  
10 Jun 2019 15 Jun 2019 $2,475  
08 Jul 2019 13 Jul 2019 $2,475 Definite
05 Aug 2019 10 Aug 2019 $2,475  
02 Sep 2019 07 Sep 2019 $2,475 Definite
30 Sep 2019 05 Oct 2019 $2,475  
28 Oct 2019 02 Nov 2019 $2,475  
25 Nov 2019 30 Nov 2019 $2,475  
23 Dec 2019 28 Dec 2019 $2,475  
20 Jan 2020 25 Jan 2020 $2,475  
24 Feb 2020 29 Feb 2020 $2,475  

*This trip requires travel insurance that must be purchased before final payment.
*Prices not guaranted until time of booking
*Single Room available (extra cost)

All of this & more, included as standard on your trip.


  • 5 nights twin-share hotel accommodation
  • 2 internal flights & transfers
  • Transport in a private air-conditioned coach, mini-coach or van
  • Sightseeing tours of all major areas
  • Local taxes & services charges (excluding compulsory US$100 entrance fee to Galapagos National Park, a US$10 INGALA fee (US$20 from March 1st 2015) & a US$5 Isablela Island tax which is only payable in cash)


  • An experienced & professional Trip Manager plus local guides in some destinations


  • 10 meals: 5 breakfasts, 2 lunches & 2 dinner


    • 1 World Heritage Site visited
  • Boat ride to Isabela Island
  • See Galapagos' famous giant tortoises
  • Visit the lava tunnels
  • Visit the Wall of Tears
  • Snorkelling experience
  • Wildlife kayaking adventure
  • Guided tour of the Giant Tortoise Breeding Centre
  • Visit Tortuga Bay
  • See the island's famous sea lions
  • Boat cruise & off shore bird spotting experience
  • Explore Kicker Rock
  • Indulge in our Galapagos BBQ feast
  • Visit Manglecito Beach





















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