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Packing tips for your singles vacation

Travel and Vacation Resources and Packing Tips


Suggested Items To Pack For Your Vacation

Important Documents and Necessities

 Passport, visa(s) and photo copies
 Credit and Debit card - pin numbers
 Contact info for credit card companies
  (or take photos of cards - front and back)
 Driver's License
 Airline E-Ticket info
 Best Single Travel Tour Contacts - Daily Itinerary

 Membership Cards - AAA / AARP cards
 Airlines Airport Lounges / Clubs cards
 Frequent Flier numbers
 Cash in the Currency of destination
 Airport Transfer Documents
 Travel Vouchers / Cruise Documents
 Travel Insurance contact and documents

Personal Items & Hygiene

 Lip Balm with Sunscreen
 Body Lotion
 Contact Lenses and Solution / Glasses / Eye Drops
 Soap / Body Wash
 Face Wash / Facecloth
 Moist Towelettes
 Tooth Brush & Tooth Paste - Floss
 Earplugs/Eye Mask for light sleepers

 Hair Care Products
 Shampoo & Conditioner
 Hair dryer/Curling Iron/Hair Straightener
 Hairbrush & Comb
 Hair Accessories
 Razor & Shaving Cream
 Cotton Swabs
 Woolite / Tide Washing Packets
 Nail Clippers / File / Nail polish
 Feminine Hygiene Products

Medications and Health

 Allergy Pills
 Pain Medication (Advil, Tylenol, etc.)
 Insect Repellent
 Nausea & Diarrhea Remedies

 Motion Sickness Remedies
 Sleep Medications
 Anti-itch Cream
 Cold Medicine
 First Aid Kit/Band-Aids

Clothing and Accessories

 Comfortable casual outfits

 Warm Weather
 Swimsuit/Cover Up
 Large brim hat/cap
 Sandals/water shoes

 Cool or Wet Weather
 Warm socks
 Warm Hat/ski cap
 Warm Jacket
 Rain Wear / Umbrella

 Casual and dressy clothes - as required by type of cruise


 Comfortable Walking Shoes
 Water shoes if needed

Electronics and Miscellaneous

 Camera & Charger
 Cords / Batteries / Extra Memory Cards
 Cell Phone & Charger
 Journal / Adress Book / Pens
 Reading Material

 Laptop/iPad/Kindle, etc & Charger
 Converters and Adapters for devices
 Travel Alarm Clock
 Pillow / blanket for plane
 Plastic Ziploc Baga / larger plastic bags
 Water Battle

Country Information, Maps, Tourist Attractions, Packing and Travel Tips for
the Worlds’ Best International Vacation Destinations.

Africa single vacations destinations

Africa Destinations

Asia Singles vacations Destinations

Asia Destinations

Australia Singles Vacation Destinations

Australia Destinations

Central America Destinations for Singles vacations and singles cruises

Central America Destinations

Europe singles vacations Destinations

Europe Destinations

New Zealand Singles Vacations Destinations

New Zealand Destinations

North America Singles Vacations Destinations

North America Destinations

Machu Picchu Machu Picchu2

South America Destinations

Useful Tips and Information

* Do not carry lots of cash: ATMs are available throughout your vacation & credit cards are accepted most everywhere
* Call Your Credit Card Companies and Banks to let them you what countries you are traveling to
* Debit/ATM cards - be sure to have your PIN numbers with you
* Leave a copy of your passport with your emergency contact
* Keep your contact information inside your suitcase - a business card or write it out on a paper
* Rest, water and respecting your body's own messaging system are imperative while on vacaton
* Best Single Travel suggests that you visit your Doctor before your vacation.


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